Caldera Spa Models

The Caldera Series offers a unique selection of outdoor spas with four different colors and sizes that range from 2-person tubs to ones that accommodate up to 7 people.

Not only are Freeflow spas easy to set up, but they're also easy to maintain. Each one is constructed of technologically advanced polymers. The unicast shells of these outdoor spas are beautiful and RokSolid™ - virtually impervious to the elements.

As the years go by, you'll appreciate the low operating costs afforded you by Freeflow's intelligent hot tub engineering. The walls of each unit are completely filled with polyurethane insulation to provide maximum efficiency and strength. All of our models - whether they are small hot tubs or large - feature this kind of forward thinking. Rest assured that each stage of manufacturing is rigorously monitored by our "quality plus" program.

You'll also enjoy one of the best warranties in the business with our 5-year shell warranty, 2-year equipment coverage and 1-year plumbing guarantee. Accessories (such as hot tub covers and hot tub steps) are also covered under warranty, depending on the type of accessory. Contact your local Freeflow Spas dealer for more information.

Simplify your lifestyle and choose a portable hot tub spa that delivers the ultimate in durability, portability, and relaxation. What are you waiting for? Experience the Freeflow Spas difference for yourself today and for years to come.

Caldera Spas: